Sunday, 17 January 2010

Paper Cuts

After looking at so much make up and make up application this week, it has been a pleasure to find the work of Hector Sos who has developed a series of images titled 'Swatch Book Creator'. These immediately bring to mind the more crafted aspects of the design process and elicit a response that negates the now ubiquitous image of glamorized, sexualized female beauty - images of the healthy and exposed body, made-up face, direct and inviting expression.

I recently came across the term 'Design and Emotion', and it immediately struck me that if any design project that I embarked upon were to be successful then I would need to incorporate emotion into the process and outcome. Reading the essay 'Emotion & Design: Attractive things work better' by Don Norman I have begun to ruminate on whether "attractive things work better," and will the design approach I am taking enable me to understand how we use use cosmetics to foster identity. Is this problem centred design or am I just making pretty pictures?

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