Tuesday, 26 January 2010

An honest approach

Experimenting with the face and body, (often the images are self portraits), Betsy VanLangen incorporates numerous materials as a source of inspiration, displacing materials and objects so that they evolve into new tactile surfaces and elicit surprising sensations. Here it is clear that the possibilities for discovering new surfaces for the face and body are endless, the choice of materials is quite simplistic at times, but the variation in applications is vast, and engages the viewer with a new understanding of how the materiality of these substances can be applied in numerous ways without resorting to appearing too cliched.

Some female artists use their work as a means of re-representing female identity and deconstructing prevailing cultural expectations of femininity. These photographs portray struggles over women’s identity, and like many of the artists and designers already featured on this blog challenge the notion of fixed gender representation.

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