Thursday, 7 January 2010

Erased Classic is a collection of carpets by Jan Kath. They are based on classic patterns from Italian wall coverings and Indian saris. The carpets are produced by weavers at manufacturing sites in Kathmandu. But their final look is caused by acid, which makes the patterns fade and disappear. The customer cannot only define the color, materials, size, knot density, and design, but also the degree of erosion.

While this isn't directly linked to cosmetic ideals it does allow me to consider the possibility of recreating this concept on the face and body - plus the ability to deliberately contrive make-up so that it dissolves or 'wears' on the face thereby allowing a contrived faded 'glamour' or alternate image to appear over time.

Perhaps the 'thing' I am seeking is change, as opposed to freezing an image in time and space through creating an idealized form and then recording it through photography. Many of my recent posts seem to be looking at how to define change through surface materials/cosmetics, also how the the response to the visual impressions illicits change in the viewer.

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