Sunday, 24 January 2010

After reading the latest post on FashionPhilos, I was moved by her reference to Constantin Brancusi who wrote in 1927,
Each material has its own life....we must try not to make materials speak our language. We must go with them to the point where others will understand their language.

Brancusi reflected the concern of every creative artist, the struggle to implement a cohesive formal plan, to construct a memorable set of relationships and to create art that works. In the case of my own visions for make up application, I anticipate that the materials that are used will be allowed to direct the method of application, where there is often a friction between what designers want a material to do and what it would rather do. I am also fascinated by the results that are so often read as mistakes, and so dismissed, these can so often be a fertile source of new ideas. I suppose the trick may be not to fool with the body's inherent desire to be expressive because it will offer or 'impose' its own suggestions of new forms and ways to work.

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  1. This is so much more beautiful than I ever could have said! For me personally, when I'm struggling with understanding design and its purpose I picture of the fabric running through my hands and it's meaning, purpose and how it inspires me (and the designer) more or less, I try to feel rather than think.