Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Twisted Lamb that Bites!

In writing faceCULTURE it is wonderful to acknowledge other visionaries whose fascination with the fashioned body engages the viewer in a more focused and valued way.  Twisted Lamb is authored by Mary Lee whose unique and exciting perspective has evolved through extensively travelling the world (her mother believed it was more important to hitchhike through Africa than attend school, and she ended up travelling all over the world by the time she was 20).  These are more than a collection of fashion photographs, instead they are snapshots of emerging and evolving fashioned cultures.

Her observations of the tribal culture of fashion are clearly informed by her degree in Creative Writing and experiences as a model, stylist and art director, but it is her understanding of how make up, hair and fashion should be accepted as an art form that ignites the imagination.  When reading her blog it is possible to get lost in her reverence for creativity, and it is conceivable that you may never wish to return home.

I believe fashion is art. We are canvases and anyone who would like to argue that with me I am ready to debate. To ignore adornment of the body is just ignoring ourselves and a lack of self-expression.
Mary Lee

Twisted Lamb's observation of West Coast Make up artists Adam Tenenbaum, Jessica Lynn Atreides and Andrew Jones, in 'The Future of Make Up', underpins the desire for the creative spectacle to be considered as a manufactured cultural symbol.  It also extends the boundaries of acceptable forms of expression while beginning to place the construction of makeup and hair in the arena of an intellectual topic.  So the lines are drawn, what type of visionary are you?