Thursday, 13 May 2010

Lucy Mcrae talks about Hyper Human - Pushing a material to its limits

Lucy McRae talks about Hyper Human from This happened – Utrecht on Vimeo.

Often it is difficult to grasp the creative collaboration between designers, the creative moment and the reasons why.  Defining how designers understand and how problems generate solutions calls for a rationale that does not rely on specialization, rather a shared understanding of how to perceive the problem of what is to be achieved.  Radical innovations through working on the face and body can be found within alternative disciplines outside of make up and the fashioned body, which is why it is important to be informed by the intention of designers such as lucyandbart, where alternative disciplines ask for original perspectives on problems and new potential ways of how to solve them.

This form of 'Design Thinking' allows for restriction free thinking that explores the generation of ideas and considers multiple ways of representing the ideas and the solutions.  It is particularly interesting that these solutions are relatively 'low -tech'.  What does this mean in terms of make up? It means that artists and stylists are beginning to rethink how to work on the body and  build up alternative associative networks of knowledge from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds, and finding original techniques and methods to apply.  Simply put, we need more 'LucyandBart's' if we are to move make-up application beyond casual 'beauty'.

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