Friday, 14 May 2010

Keep on flashing those eyes at me

In LED Eyelashes, Soomi Park created a set of artificial eyelashes attached with LED lights. As part of her DigitalVeil project, Park tried to project Korean's obsession to big eyes, and how this fetishism is interpreted into excessive plastic surgery done on the eyes among Korean women. The Digital Veil project engages with the increasing fascination and banalization of plastic surgery not only in Korea but also in many countries around the world.

"I really thought the obsession with big eyes can be represented through media design, because both yearning for bigger eyes and projecting the look through lights can be done by distorting the representation and creating new images. The LED Eyelashes have a mercury sensor that controls the light on the face. When wearing the LED eyelashes, you look embellished as if you were wearing a piece of fashion jewelry. It was really pretty and models who wore them and viewers who watched them wanted it!"

"Media fashion design products like the Veil and the Eyelashes actually represent people's deepest inner desire in a way the desire can be externalized through design in a less serious manner. The desire of wanting to have bigger eyes and to get plastic surgery targets to deform their original figures, and in my view, people are excessively obsessed with the deformation, to a degree that can be called fetishism. My interactive media and fashion design piece does not disfigure people's appearance and is hopefully less damaging to the body, but it generates the similar effect."

Via We Make Money Not Art and Coilhouse

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