Wednesday, 17 February 2010


Exclusively commissioned by Dazed & Confused and featured as part of onedotzero and Dazed's Fashion in Film program at the BFI, Frankenfashion is being screened alongside the works of Chris Cunningham, Solve Sundsbo & Saam Farahmand. In his contribution, Turvey takes inspiration from the mythical Dr Frankenstein who took parts from different bodies to make a new being. Here, a macabre sequence of events sees fashion follow suit, leading to a surreal and transformational climax.

Frankenfashion is currently touring worldwide with onedotzero as part of the Dazed - Fashion in Film.


  1. This is unbelievably stunning and the music complements it wonderfully.

    But being a fan of Mary Shelley's novel, I'm still waiting for a true interpretation of her work. It's so much more of a fulfilling, emotional, and haunting story. The art world would benefit immensely from basing their interpretation's on her words, rather than the classic film which was...random.

    I don't mean this to be rude at all, or to take away from the work of those involved in Frankenfashion.

  2. Your comments are never taken rudely.... I actually agree. It would be wonderful to see a more compelling interpretation particularly one from a feminist perspective, which it deserves.