Friday, 4 September 2009

LucyandBart - elementary ideas with a new vision
Lucy Macrae and Bart Hess

Discussions with S this week have forced my hand and I now have decided to invest my thoughts, images, energy in this diary. I have come to the realisation that make-up as art is an exciting point of debate for a blog. That the face should be a surface to explore, not just a surface to visually enhance for the casual eye is the remit. Finding evidence of these intrusions on the face and body will question the appropriateness of the convergence of make-up design and materials technology, and ask 'what will happen?'. The inability to anticipate end-use applications in advance is key to the dynamics of my enquiry. Anyway, who cares about the outcome, when the journey can be so delightful.

LucyandBart have appeared in my discussions with S, and by sheer coincidence we have referenced different projects but always the same artists/design duo. So here is my first posting, images that I had in my minds eye when I decided to commit to show and tell. And, thank you S.

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