Monday, 7 September 2009

Iconic heroes of fur and diamond dust

Peter Lloyd

Couldn't reference masks without highlighting the work of Peter Lloyd. Inspired by his personal observations of Mexican Wrestling subculture, Lloyd created his own iconic heroes for his series of 'Wrestler' prints, each with a highly symbolic visual code. As an artist who had previously always worked in monotone, he was inspired by the colourful and flamboyant costumes to adopt an equally vibrant Latin palette to portray his company of witty alter egos. Just as the wrestlers create their elaborate costumes with appliqued fabrics, Lloyd developed innovative print techniques, incorporating such diverse materials as carborundum, diamond dust, glitter and synthetic fur. These powerful portraits continue a tradition of the marriage of popular culture and fine art, evident in the work of Andy Warhol in America and Peter Blake in England, and it is no surprise to discover that his works can be found in the collections of several contemporary “pop icons”, including David Bowie, Missy Elliot, Vic Reeves and Holly Johnson.

These prints clearly attune to my current interest in fur, however I will be referencing his other works later on.

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