Sunday, 20 September 2009

Lasting Impressions

Face printer by Jule Jenckel

Suggestively clever bed sheets by Finnish designer Martina Carpelan for Helsinki Hotel. Blurb from the website – “Show me your skin and I’ll tell you who you are. Rise and sigh is a collection of revealing bed sheets that plays with incidents often taking place in hotels. Different sleeping positions give different imprints on the sleepers’ body. The imprints give you a hint about last night’s atmosphere, suggest you what to do and tell things about you.The Rise and sigh collection consists of three embroidered bed sets; for the bachelor, for the love affair and for the one night stand.”

Souffrez Pour Moi is the creation of Ninette Van Kamp. Women have always been encouraged to achieve an unrealistic state of 'ideal' beauty even in cases where it has been detrimental to their health. This is apparent in more extreme examples like the Victorian corset and Chinese foot binding. Women, it seems, are willing to suffer for the sake of beauty.

Ninette is interested in conveying this relationship through textiles, looking at seams and mark makings on the body in particular. But on the inside, there are seams, beads, and textured fabric which create imprints on the skin when you wear them.

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