Thursday, 4 November 2010

Warped vision

Photographer: Wendy Hope
Distorted Beauty, was a group exhibition earlier this year in New York that featured the collaboration between artist and retoucher D Tyler Huff and a select group of commercial fashion and beauty photographers. The title of the exhibition refers to the connection between the fashion and beauty industry’s long-seated practice of transforming the photographic image by means of excessive retouching, ultimately creating a frame for what constitutes conventional beauty. While the current backlash against touching up of celebrities has taken center stage, similar techniques are employed on nearly all beauty and fashion images. The exhibition attempted to examine this state of hidden digital manipulation, and generate conversation about the nature of this controversy, by exposing the degree to which body image is distorted beyond what is “true” or “real”.

Photographer: Indira Cessarine

Photographer: Amber Gray

Photographer: Edwin Ho
Photographer: D Tyler Huff

Photographer: D Tyler Huff

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