Thursday, 11 November 2010

Dr. Lakra

Untitled (Yokohama doll)

A hugely successful tattoo artist and illustrator, Dr Lakra is enjoying increased appreciation for his non-skin work, where he “tattoos” and otherwise transforms such iconographic images and objects as 50s pin-ups, medical illustrations, Japanese prints, wrestlers, superheroes, and children’s dolls. The poses of the glamour models in combination with the tattooing/illustration bring to mind the Vogue Italia shoot by Steven Meisel, where the viewer is reminded that the artistry in tattooing is not so much to draw attention but to trick the eye into revealing the subtext to the messages within.

Untitled (Cupido Lupita), 2006

Untitled (Hiroshima Tomonohira Take-Emon)

Untitled (Paris et de Hollywood, Lilly Lamont) (detail), 2003, ink on antique magazine

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