Saturday, 17 April 2010

Erwin Olaf ponders the changing face of beauty

Plot: Le Dernier cri (2006)

Photographer and filmmaker Erwin Olaf ponders the changing face of beauty and the whims of fashion (the title translated, is 'the latest fashion; last word') in this experimental short comedy. A suburban hostess prepares her home for a social gathering, making sure everything is spotless and nothing is out of place. All seems picture perfect until we get a glimpse of the extensive facial modifications of the hostess and her guests. Le Dernier Cri was screened in competition at the 2007 ~Rotterdam International Film Festival.  In light of the increasing casualisation of cosmetic surgical modification Olaf considers the normalisation of what is  currently seen as 'extreme'. The fashionisation of cosmetic intervention has begun!

le dernier cri from Dennis Braunsdorf on Vimeo.


  1. magnificent !! what an apartment ! thought provoking. the next step - interesting and scary but believable. G

  2. Brilliant!!!

    Inspiring Image..Might relate it to my editorial zombie theme when writing about face manipulation!

    Hayley Gittins x