Monday, 5 April 2010


EMXXYcam from Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader on Vimeo.

Part of a series of 5 films, EMXXYcam is an intriguing presentation of the face as mask by design duo Reed+Radar.  Since we can understand the body as a textless text into which outside meanings are read, the cosmetic construction in EMXXYcam can be read as a result of social manufacture, in that it is a social expression or performance by which the sitters constructed identity is valued, created, tested, and confirmed.  Only now the responsibility for mean making is placed as much upon the reader as upon the text itself. 

Here, Reed+Radar have chosen to take control of the text to interpret it as their own, giving the cosmetic constructions in each EMXXYcam video a unique meaning.

EMXXYcam from Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader on Vimeo.

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