Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Letting it all go

An estimated 700 revellers shed their clothes in favour of body paint to take part in Spencer Tunick's latest art installation at the Big Chill Festival in Herftfordshire this weekend.  This form of installation involving spray paint make up was a first for Tunick, by dividing the volunteers in to five colour groups: Yellow, Pink, Teal, Blue and Black, he paid homage to the art of Yves Klein, Mark Rothko and  Ellsworth Kelly.  One participant wrote on Twitter that he felt ‘somewhat liberated and invigorated’ by the experience. Another said the whole thing had been an ‘awesome experience’.  In the final group of setups with the Blue, Teal and Black, the painted participants were arranged in reference to the BP oil spill in the Gulf Mexico, as four rows of black painted participants interwove their way into a blue and teal sea.

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