Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Ralf's Beautiful Freaks

Alex, GutterSlut, 2008
We are all voyeurs.  But what makes the body of work by Ralf Obergfell so astounding is the photographic interpretations of the club kid, disco freaks and transexuals he captured during his time in London between 2005-2008. View more of his work here.  faceCULTURE is disappointed that his 2010 show at the Royal College of Art was missed...but will try to remedy this by sending someone to report of Obergfell's latest show, 'Beautiful Freaks' opening Friday 23rd November in Berlin.

James, Jonny Woo’s, 2007

John and Ryan, GutterSlut, 2008

Jonny, GutterSlut, 2008

Ryan, The Pale Blue Door, 2010

Shabnam and Alex, GutterSlut, 2007

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