Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Splish Splosh

It was performance artist Scottee who introduced me to the term sploshing last year, it is a form of sexual fetishism where a person becomes aroused when substances are deliberately and generously applied to the naked skin, predominantly the face, or to the clothes people are wearing.  These substances tend to be food based.  I never really understood its attraction, but after watching  Reed and Rader's 'Cupcake Girl' I now get it, and I am surprised I didn't see the links to make-up earlier.  Gareth Pugh's 'Make-up-athon' and Lernet and Sander's 'Natural Beauty', also share this fascination.  My only question now is, with tactile cosmetic excess being the way forward, where will it take us?

Lernert & Sander: Natural Beauty on Nowness.com.

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