Sunday, 30 October 2011

Detroit Hair Wars 2010

 Photographs by Peter Hapak for Time, 2010


  1. I love the new interface of the blog since it allows for viewing of all of your excellent posts at once, more or less.

    But I'd love it even more if there were an option for opening the desired post in a new tab - this way I have to scroll down, select a post, scroll up, see if I'm interested, scroll down, select a post, scroll up...
    While, with the 'Open in new tab' there, I could open 10 posts and read in peace.

    And I must say I miss seeing comments with the post itself - some of them were excellent additions to the post, or a continuation of the conversation; this way, I only see them if I choose to comment myself.

    I hope this wasn't out of the line; the novelty of the whole thing prompted me to comment :) .

  2. Ana,I have tried to respond to this comment many times, but the 'new' format kept deleting my comments. Now that I have reverted to a more conducive format, fingers crossed it will upload.

    I completely agree with the points you have made. The new interface was awkward for me to use and for the viewer to read. As you can see I have reverted to a style that I and hopefully, you as a reader, are happier with.

    And yes, duly noted that without the comments this is just a collection of photographs and videos. Plus, I miss writing out loud so to speak. So much of my work is revised, commented upon and edited again, that I feel the need to speak out!

    Please feel free to continue commenting on the blog. I like the acknowledgement that I am not talking to myself! x