Tuesday, 8 February 2011

How to create a larger eyelid -

This video is a graphic illustration of the bizarre beauty practice of gluing one's eyelids. The goal is to make Asian eyes look more Western. The glue adds a crease to a monolid, making it a double eyelid.  Mary, or Mulzanza on her blog, is a 21 year old Texan devoted to helping small creased and monolid Asian girls do their eye makeup.

The process of applying a thin layer of glue to one's eyelids takes up to 30 minutes.  Daily.

Gluing is not the only way to crease a monolid. Some alternatives suggested using medical tape or blepharoplasty, surgically creating a crease.  In Asia, blepharoplasty is rapidly becoming the most popular cosmetic surgery. Only nose or breast surgeries are more popular, according to Laura Miller, an associate professor of anthropology at Loyola University in Chicago.  However, doctors caution against habitual gluing. Side effects include eyelid drooping, itching, and other topical allergic reactions.

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