Saturday, 4 December 2010

Cosmetic ritual and personal identities

Phyllis Galembo's primary interest is the wearer's belief in the power of ritual costume to alter their everyday reality, this transformation allows the viewer to appreciate not only the process of cosmetic application but also the beliefs of the person hidden under the face and body paint.  The transformation is intentionally shocking, frightening even, but nevertheless each image pulls you in and refuses to release you until the full impact of this form of cosmetic dress is appreciated.

Two Boys with Whips, Jacmel, Haiti, 1997

Ekpokang Masquerade, Calabar South, Nigeria, 2004

Lance de Corde, Jacmel, Haiti, 2004

Three Men with Chains, Jacmel

Beach, Jacmel, Haiti, 2004

Man with Gun and Phone, Jacmel, Haiti, 2004
Man with Gun, Jacmel, Haiti, 2004

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