Thursday, 17 December 2009

Phillips Design Probes - Fractal:Living Jewellery

Fractal is a stunning, figure-hugging outfit consisting entirely of huge imitation jewels augmented by pulsing LEDs. By incorporating sensors that measure movement, excitement levels and proximity of others - and using this input to alter the intensity of its integrated lighting - Fractal essentially becomes an extension of the body. It also serves as a platform for exploring emotional sensing. Unlike a cut and sewn garment, Fractal is made using product materials and processes. This opens up the possibility of ‘Hybrid’ forms and new functionalities in the search for solutions in the spaces of traditional apparel functionality - thermal protection, structure and support, water resistance, providing modesty, flesh control, and the ever-changing style calendars.

Attempting to acknowledge the display of hybrid make up has begun to provide an understanding of what these forms of make up symbolise for the wearer and also the viewer. These make-ups (surely there must be a better word to explain this new method of application) are also an attempt to define self-identity and it is important to also discuss and explore the experiential dimension of novel make-up consumption. How to capture the history, motivation, beliefs, behaviours and experiences of designers and wearers of alternative make up techniques is of interest because it will gain an insight into the impact of how we seek to create appearance and are judged by it. The appearance codes of power, status, sexual allurement and self-esteem are all obviated, heightened or replaced with new codes.


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